Nominations have been received for the following 2016/2017 Pacific Pines Football Club Committee positions –

Christopher Camage – Vice President – Nominated by Cheryl Southwood & Susan Devoy
Susan Devoy – Secretary – Nominated by Chris Camage & Cheryl Southwood
Brett Shepheard – Treasurer – Nominated by Cheryl Southwood & Jed Townsin
Nicholas Smith – Miniroos/Junior Director – Nominated by Anjanette Hutchison & Zoe Holt
Cheryl Southwood – President – Nominated by Yanse Webb & Gail Fisher

No nominations have been received for the positions of Senior Director, Female Director & Registrar.

Nominations can be received from the floor at the AGM for positions that have not already received a written nomination form.

If you would like a copy of the job descriptions for any of these roles please email ‪